Individual Therapy

My name is Karen, and I offer a safe, confidential, welcoming space for therapy in Exeter. During this 'new normal', I also offer therapy through a secure online platform to ensure your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing. I am predominantly a person centred therapist, but also use aspects of Cognitive Behavioural therapy and Transactional Analysis within my practice.

What to expect

I offer a 45 minute assessment session which gives my clients the opportunity to gently discuss what brings them to therapy at this point in their lives. This session allows you to determine if you feel I am the right the counsellor for you, and conversely, if I believe that I am the right therapist to assist you with the concerns you present.

Who I work with

I have worked with clients with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, work related stresses, childhood trauma, relationship difficulties, addiction, sexual identity, divorce, bereavement and other life difficulties.

Is Counselling for you

Sometimes, it is difficult to even name what is wrong, there is just a feeling that won’t go away, or an anxious knot that won’t subside and now feels like the time you wish to act on it and try and better understand your feelings and behaviours. There is no category or box we have to tick to seek therapy, sometimes it all just feels a little too much and we need some support in gaining some understanding and getting back on track.

Counselling offers that safe space, without judgement, to truly be heard and understood to help you understand you that little bit more to assist you to form a healthier more balanced future.